Hero. Threat: 12. 2   4   1   5  


This card was errata'd

Cannot have restricted attachments.

Action: Deal 2 damage to Quickbeam to ready him. (Limit once per phase.)

"...he can move like a wind when he is roused." -Pippin, The Two Towers
Guillaume Ducos

The Crossings of Poros #135. Tactics.


Um. Is it just me, or should he have the unique symbol? Time for my three of Quickbeam deck to shine.

Rumour has it the German version of the card has the unique symbol. — Tegyrius 126
Just a mistake with the first print run. It's since been corrected. — eddyvan 34
Haha — Truck 1423

He is a very good hero in decks that require a couple of rounds to set up. I use him in an ent deck and it works beautifully especially with Quickbeam. I use his ability to deal with enemies when I don't have the ent-power in the first few rounds to deal with those enemies. After that, his ability is rarely needed.

Not sure you can use the hero and the ally at the same time. — piezo32 51
He's referring to the hero when he says "Quickbeam," above. He's saying his ent deck, which works beautifully, works even better with hero Quickbeam. — GrandSpleen 1405