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Zeromage 234

This deck is a ton of fun to play, and surprisingly powerful. It's based on my earlier version of the deck, but this version is updated and much better.

You want to mulligan for Resourceful or Nenya. You want to stay in secrecy for as long as possible. Against Nightmare Anduin, I was able to remain in secrecy for the entire game, so it should be no problem in most cases. I've beaten 4 different nightmare decks so far with this deck solo, so I feel the deck is very strong.

You also want to ditch The Door is Closed with Arwen's ability until you add cards to the Victory Display. (You can get them back with Will of the West later when they are needed).

The deck's main strengths are it's ability to quest, but it also has lots of attack power once the Ents get going.

Besides Northern tracker and Ethir Swordsman, the deck FEELS very thematic. I wanted to go with a Galadriel theme, hence the Keen as Lances.

Victory display shennagians are fun, and this deck does them well. Hope you enjoy!


Oct 27, 2018 MDuckworth83 2034

This one gets an automatic free like for the name.