The Scenic Route *CotR Deckbox*

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AtaruSlash 3325

This is a deck to do that less sexy but oh so important thing in this game, location control. A necessary thing (evil?) in higher player counts, Idraen actually makes it kinda fun! In this deck you'll find the standard suite of progress placing effects: Northern Trackers, Greyflood Wanderers, and Asfaloth. Plenty of tools to neuter some of those locales, and kill the others.

Edit: -2 Strength of Will, +2 Thror's Map

Some choices:

Westfold Horse Breeder: Grabs Asfaloth, chumps if need be

Elf Stone or Mathom: Pretty self explanatory, but combined with Thror's Map, can be pretty cool. Pop it on a location, and move it into the active slot as needed.

Mirkwood Pioneer: Don't judge until you've used it. He gives Aragorn something to spend his resources on, and can really help against some of the big imposing locations.

Strength of Will: A fun little trick with Idraen at the right time. After the trackers have put a few progress on a location, travel to it, then play Strength of Will to finish it off, which readies Idraen back up. Then if Thror's map is also down, you can move to another location.

51st Cards Ride to Ruin/more Rohan allies for it Another Elf Stone Power of Orthanc Ravens of the Mountain