Eagles, Ents and Arrows, Oh My!

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wtfboar 9

I built this deck for multiplayer and to play 2 handed when I play solo. When I do play solo I prefer 2 handed, generally 1 hand takes care of combat and the other questing. I like using more cards and decks being more streamlined.

The main purpose of this deck is combat. I put a lot of ranged and sentinel in this deck because of the focus being multiplayer/2hnd. The Ents can make the deck a bit slow but Halide's action advantage makes up for this as I explain later. I get some will think Haldir is not best utilized for this kind of deck because his ability does not synergies well with Ents. Though when I explain later how the deck works, I think you will see why he fits. For my opening hand, I look for a shield and at least 1 weapon, the other cards I don't mulligan for unless I get really unlucky with draws. This deck works like a 3 headed giant.

You have Beregond the first head for his strong defense and sentinel. He's shield is a main cog in this deck and I will mulligan for the shield. Then you have allies like Derdingle Warrior and Winged guardian to help when needed for sentinel defense.

The next head is Haldir. I will also mulligan for a weapon for Haldir. His main purpose is obvious for his action advantage when you have not engaged with the enemy this round. I try and use this as much as I can early on in the game. Later on when the Ent army is built up and ready I tend to use this ability less and let enemies come to me because the ent forest at this point can overwhelm the enemy board state if we are unable to keep up with Haldir's combat advantage. Then I only use his action advantage when a specific enemies calls for it. Or we are keeping up and killing 1 enemy at a time.

The 3rd head are the ent/eagles. The Ents are slow but powerful. I use Beregond and Haldir to keep up with enemies revealed by the encounter deck until I have a strong Ent Forest. I want to get the Derdingle Warrior and Wellinghail Preserver out as fast as possible because of there synergy with warriors damaging him self for defense and the preserver healing mechanic allowing to me to contribute a small amount to questing. Quickbeam is my favorite Ent. I like that you can damage him to ready him and he is competent quester or attacker. Skinbark would be the first to be sideboarded because his ability is only efficient against orcs.

The Eagles main purpose in this deck is to be on the board for support of the eagles to make Haldir and Legolas hit harder. If I get an Eagles of Misty Mountains out then I will intentionally let as many eagles as I can leave play to bolster his attack and defense as high as Possible.