Galadriel Secrecy

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roguefrog 98

A work in progress with some tuning and more quest testing needed

Support deck. Solo possible depending entirely on the quest.

The focus of this deck is pure secrecy with encounter deck manipulation/cancellation and quest power from allies. Try and quest and keep threat under 20 while stripping out the troubling enemies. If everything works out you will complete the quest with lower threat than you started with and won't need to engage enemies. Leave them in the staging area.

The one great weakness of this deck is any quest that requires killing an enemy to advance. This deck is terrible at fighting period, by design. Very low threat enemies < 20 will also be trouble. The best case scenario is you manage to get all 3 Ithilien Lookouts in play...congrats, you have an attack power of 6! With Rossiel and Henamarth Riversong you can reach the deck peak of 8 damage if you swing with the whole team! While equivalent to a Core Set Beorn power move, I wouldn't count on it.

Play Method

  • Mulligan for the Mirror, Resourceful, and/or Nenya
  • All attachments go on Galadriel except Protector of Lorien
  • Beat the threat with questing allies and boost with Nenya as needed
  • Out of the Wild/Leave No Trace is key for getting location traits in the victory display to boost Roosiel's willpower
  • Keep threat below 20 with Keen as Lances and Galadhrim's Greeting(Duh)
  • The Mirror can screw you. Grab the Silver Harp when you get your resource advantage.
  • Will of the West serves as mill protection/recursion. Get those Out of Wilds back!

Other considerations/card musings

  • Light of Valinor: Not in deck because where is Glorfindel? (It is with him in my other deck)
  • Leaf Brooch: I originally had this in the deck but most of the events are a cost of 1. Resourcefuls felt sufficient but I might put it back in.
  • Needful to Know: No room. Keen as Lances and Galadhrim's Greeting felt like sufficient threat reduction although more mid-to-late game.
  • Counsel of Elrond: Good idea for early threat reduction, No room, and I am using it in a different deck. :)
  • Lay of Nimrodel: I was tempted to put this one in but it is a late game strat after resources pile up on Galadriel so I decided against it.
  • Etc...

Quest Results

Into The Pit

  • 15 completed rounds = 150
  • Total combined Threat = 17
  • Total damage on Heroes = 4
  • Cost of dead Heroes = 0
  • Victory points = 4
  • TOTAL SCORE = 167