I'm the boss. Head honcho. El numero uno. Mr. Big, the Godfa

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Rajam 97

I'm the boss. Head honcho. El numero uno. Mr. Big, the Godfather, Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Identity... Taxi Driver... Jaws... there's no better deck than me. I'm the one to rule them all. This is not a bold statement or an opinion; this is fact.

Ladies and gentlemen. Here in front of your eyes, you have no ordinary deck. What you are seeing in here, is THE BEST POSSIBLE DECK ever built so far. Years and years of deep analysis, theoretical studies checking for all the possible combinations and outcomes, Montecarlo simulations, a whole team of experts working 24/7, all that, for this.

Seriously, everything you ever dreamed with, is here. Scrying? Check. Solid setup, consistency? Check. Cool allies? Check. Location control? Asfaloth; check. Shadow cancelation? A Burning Brand; check. Massive resource generation? Massive card draw? Check, check. Low threat? Secrecy deck... hellooo. Check. Treachery cancelation, insane defense, insane attack, will power, Sneak Attack + Gandalf, Action advantage, Elven light combos, etc etc? All checked.

Mulligan for the secrecy cards and/or Steward of Gondor. At least one Resourceful and at least one Protector of Lórien should go on Glorfindel, and besides Asfaloth and Light of Valinor, all other attachments should go on Bifur. More than anything, adjust your needs accordingly to the encounter deck you're playing against. Remember: Bifur may take a resource from Glorfindel, and once he gains the Gondor trait with Steward, Denethor can toss a resource on Bifur too; that's why you should distribute and put one Resourceful on each hero: Bifur can still grab those resources if he needs to. Bifur's ability will also let you play stuff like Galadhrim Minstrel and Master of the Forge in turn 1, which is amazing for quick setups.

PS: Combine this deck with this one for some insane results

PS: Here's a video with this deck in action!

Quests' record:

  • [4 / 5] Into the Pit
  • [3 / 3] The Seventh Level
  • [3 / 3] The Stone of Erech
  • [3 / 3] Fog on the Barrow-Downs