Straight Shot for the Win

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The Mormegil 983

Hi folks, here is my new deck that revolves around an often overlooked event; Straight Shot. This deck's goal is to utilize Straight Shot in any way possible (preferably on annoying enemies like Mumaks). I admit that Straight Shot is a situational card at best, but the art is awesome and I it always intrigued me. Please note: This is not a top-tier Meta deck, it is a Pippin/Shagga deck (if you want to stick to FFG's player-types) that has one goal: HAVING FUN. Also, please be aware that this deck's powerlevel varies strongly from quest to quest. In quests like Fog on the Barrow-Downs or Watcher in the Water, where enemies have low defence values or none at all (with Aragorn or without), the deck performs much better than for example in the Black Riders quests, where enemies are rather beefy on defense.

Now to the strategy tips:

  • Use Straight Shot but use it wisely; Sometimes it's better to save it and kill enemies through direct damage effects.
  • Get a weapon (in the best case Rivendell Blade) on Argalad ASAP. If you get out Legolas or the Marksman early, he becomes a great target for the blade as well.
  • Try to get into a position where you can have direct damage as an alternarive to Straight Shot. Gondorian Spearman, Argalad and of course Goblin-Cleaver should do the Job. If you are in Multiplayer and have a strong questing deck at your side, maybe swap out Eowyn with Thalin to guarantee even a stronger direct damage synergy.
  • Save the Marksman for a suitable enemy when possible. The great thing about Straight Shot is that it can trigger at all times so of course you should try to finish enemies before they attack and the Marksman helps you with that.
  • As backups for defending I included several allies in the deck.
  • Gandalf is a total winner in the deck, especially because his direct damage support. He and the Marksman almost made me include some Leadership hero for Sneak Attack.

As I said, this deck is designed for fun and messing around with, so you should try your own versions where you could then include a Leadership hero or Thalin if you want to. It should be fun!