The Fading of the Elves

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An elf-themed questing rush deck I built while trying to solo Nightmare Escape from Dol Guldur. It can pretty consistently reach the second stage, but it tends to get overwhelmed by Enemies before it can close out the game, and ultimately it only ever scored one win against Dol Guldur.

The goal of this deck is to quest really hard out of the gate, putting out as much as quickly as possible without relying on an army of Allies. It can barely handle combat, although it can certainly take a few hits before it goes down. Generally it just leaves Enemies in the staging area and quests past them.

Saruman is here as the deck's only way to take out the Nazg├╗l of Dol Guldur, although he's useful for big questing pushes and taking out other nasty Enemies as well. He is so important to the deck's endgame that I included The Seeing-stone just to fetch him.

This deck ends up playing like a flash in the pan; in most quests it can reach 14-18 on turn 1 without too much trouble, but as its threat begins to climb and its Events and Allies get spent, it eventually runs out of steam and can end up failing pretty spectacularly.

It would be fun to take this deck against quests that can be won just by questing really hard. It's actually pretty thrilling to race against the encounter deck and try to close it down before getting overwhelmed by combat.