Brok Ironfist should cost 7

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Rajam 102

A solo deck that revolves around Lore Denethor and scrying, one of the most disregarded aspects in the game, and the steward is the most consistent option there. To maximize his scrying potential, we put 3 Unexpected Courage, and all 3 of them shall go on Denethor.

To gain access to Spirit resources, Arwen is added. With Elven-light, we get both resources and card draw, plus Will power. btw, Elven-light is one of those cards you really want to see in your opening hand.

Some more will power is needed, and definitely attack. We also want leadership access for steward of gondor, the most powerful card in the game (imo), and the very well known Sneak Attack+Gandalf combo. Aragorn is the guy. There, we get the needed stats, and as a bonus we get his toys (Sword that was Broken, Celebrían's Stone, etc), and furthermore, Arwen can toss resources on Isildur's heir as well, which is ideal for turn-1 Steward. This last card should go on Aragorn, which can gain access to all spheres with his special tools.

Finally, allies: The heroes' stats as a whole aren't that strong, and therefore we need to deploy allies fast. Most of the allies in this deck cost only 2 to put them down quickly. Herald of Anórien is key here and is a welcome sight in any opening hand.


Dec 30, 2016 Delaric 55

I like it. But why the deck title if Brok does not appear to have anything to do with this?

Dec 30, 2016 Rajam 102

@Delaric This deck is solid, but with Brok Ironfist included it would be truly broken. I don't like broken decks. The title is a message to the designers and tell them: "hey, please errata Brok Ironfist because he is clearly undercosted".

btw keeping the same spirit, my next deck will be titled "Steward of Gondor shouldn't be unique".

Dec 30, 2016 Delaric 55

I get it now :)