Unlikely Friendly Cancellation Support (3.0)

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bigfomlof 418

This is a revised version of the deck. After playing with it more I realized I had too much money. So, resources go to hard casting Gandalf and Gildor. Narvi's belt added (Thanks Emorlecallor) to help with smoothing.

I wanted to build a deck that uses all types of cancels plus wields Unlikely Friendship without using the usual duo.

The primary goal is to load up Argalad with LoV, a Knife and Unexpected Courage. Steward goes on Balin (whom I have never used before) so that he can always trigger.

The usual Silvan shenanigans as well. Obviously, this deck needs to hang out with one that can kill stuff, but it should hold its own in terms of questing and supporting other players.

Let me know what you think.



Jan 03, 2017 TheChad 2297

This deck has been spotlighted at cardboardoftherings.com by CotR

Jan 03, 2017 emorlecallor 827

It wasn't actually me that suggested the Belt- it was @kypatzer. I suggested the Minstrel and that's about it.

I tried the deck with my dwarf mining deck today and it worked quite well! Thank you for the deck. I especially love the Silvan splash you added. Silvan is one of the easiest traits to put in the deck without taking up the entire deck. You can easily put 10-15 Silvan-themed cards in a deck without detracting from its main focus, which is not a luxury you often get with other traits, like Dwarves or Gondor, so I'm glad you used it to good effect.