Dont blow your horn Boromir, schhhh

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Olander 53

This deck might be a contradiction in terms Boromir and secrecy???Am i mad, perhaps?

You are of course looking for as many resorcefulls as possible in your opening hand along with strider and a gondorian shield, failure to get that captin of gondor and honour guard can do the work of a shield and courage awakend will help you quest a weapon and foe hammer can also work. So you have some rounds of flexibility as long asyou dont go overboard with threat, then there is the saftey vaulve of Vanish from sight if you need secrecy later , feel free to include unexpeted courages to make sure that Merry can quest and reduce threat. Strangely this deck works best on newer quests with enermies that have higher threats. But Merry can really do some work in A hunt for Gollum as well. Then it becomes the regular boromir kills it deck, you all know the drill.

Sideboard cards are for multiplayer or quests with condition attatcments


Jan 06, 2017 mekane 26

I really enjoy this deck. I love that you're embracing the contradiction of the two mechanics but also finding crazy ways to make it work. Seems like a fund deck to play.

Have you played this deck solo? How does it fare on its own?

Jan 06, 2017 Olander 53

I play two handed normally, but if a get a Strider on merry, this deck is contributing to questing as well, but mostly i just want as many resorcesfulls on Boromir as possible. But i did Down the Anduin Solo once.

Jan 06, 2017 Olander 53

For Solo i guess i would add Arwen and Bofur(S) and add another copy of the blades of Gondolin, when i played dtA i had two blades on Boromir, that helped a lot. Also i started with mostly enermies so i did not get location locked. maby a steed of imladris as well i s good. Try it out but it was not bulit for true solo.