War... what is it good for? Absolutely nothing

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Rajam 102

Support combat deck, meant to be paired with decks good at questing and handling locations and treacheries.

Beregond and Haldir handle defense and attack, respectively. Tactics sphere helps a lot with the much needed attachments that buff combat stats. With the Lore sphere, we throw in healing and also some ranger allies and Ranger Bows to help weakening enemies through direct damage before they are able to do anything. 3x Master of the Forge are also a must in this deck plagued with attachments.

As for a third hero, I chose Balin. He'll deal with shadow effects and brings into the table the Leadership sphere to allow the inclusion of Armored Destrier and those DĂșnedain Marks and Warnings (amazing attachments that bypass the restricted slots), also, his Dwarf trait permits the presence of Unlikely Friendship and improves the utility of We Are Not Idle.