Walker Texas Dunedains

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Aorakis 382

Hi there !

Here's a little Dunedains Deck that works pretty well.

Of course, you're not going to clear all the quest in solo, but i already manage some pretty fun ones.

The deck is basically more a "multiplayers" deck anyway. But it's good to know that you can play solo with it and have some fun ! DUNEDAINS ARE FUN !!!

I chose eowyn 2 and Pippin for the draw and low threat that helps the deck to start slowly.

Good starting hand is "Tighten our belts" so then, you can start 2nd Round with 3 ressources on each of your characters wich is crazy.

I chose this card over Steward of gondor for two purpose :

1) I wanted to replay that card, wich is a bit forgotten, but sooo powerfull ! 2) i wanted to avoid steward to be able to join multiplayers session easely !

(i still have those in Sidebord so i can, if i feel like it, put then back into the deck and add some gondorian fire, turning amarthiul into a big smasher, but i like the original version better !)

KINDER allies like : Legolas, Deorwyne & Boromir are really nice in this deck too and mostly easy to pay with either "Good Tale" nor ressources from "Eo & Marty"

But you can defenatly remove Legolas for a 3rd Warden of healing nor any stuff you might prefer ! (same for long defeat)

Hope you'll enjoy this little funny & Funky deck as i do !

Cheers from belgium !