O'er the Misty Mountains We Go - Redhorn Gate Spirit/Lore (1

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O'er the Misty Mountains We Go - Redhorn Gate Spirit/Lore (1 1 0 0 2.0

kidsocrates 3

In theory -- IN THEORY -- this will work for The Redhorn Gate with my friend's tactics/leadership/perhaps-a-bit-of-lore deck that he hasn't designed yet. The theory:

With willpower being the most critical stat here, especially for the everyone-at-zero-willpower-dies stage, we need to be able to climb through these mountains quickly. Eowyn's phenomenal at that, with being able to quest for 6 every turn if we both discard a card. Glorfindel won't exhaust to quest if we can get Light of Valinor on him early. Bifur's here for low threat plus resource smoothing. The Favor of the Lady and Protector of Lorien are here to boost those up a bit higher in emergencies, and aren't limited only to my heroes. Unexpected Courage will go on whomever could use it the most at the time.

There are a lot of locations here, so Asfaloth will be handy (and additional copies fuel Eowyn's resolve). The Northern Tracker will help us avoid getting trapped amidst a ton of mountains, and Ancestral Knowledge with Bifur will help us progress through quickly. Henamarth lets us scout ahead to see what awaits, Gleowine plays a rousing ballad to steel our resolve (or draw cards, whatever), the Daughter of the Nimrodel is very cold, and Gandalf is as Gandalf does.

With a starting threat of 21, we're skirting the edge of secrecy, so I've dropped Resourceful in. Before I play this, I'm likely going to swing through the cards again to see if there are any more I could sneak in -- a threat of 21 just feels like something to exploit, given the opportunity.

I have zero defense here, so it's up to the other deck to handle that. Don't let me down, Nate!