Eowyn's Fall

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Warden of Arnor 2828

Shenanigans-based deck using The Fall of Gil-Galad. Gandalf can use Word of Command to dig out the one copy. Attach it to Éowyn, kill her off without triggering her action, and you now have a two-hero Secrecy deck with a threat discount. Plus you benefit from the extra resource per round and 4 in the early game when you need it the most. Once you're down to two-hero Secrecy, just amass your army of allies with the Secrecy cost reduction, Timely Aid and the extra resources from Resourceful.

For additional thoughts on Fall of Gil-Galad check out my review of it, and for a bit more detail on the deck, see the blog post: https://wardenofarnor.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/decks-heros-fall/


Jan 12, 2017 Lecitadin 132

LOL, what an amazing idea with The Fall of Gil-Galad!!!