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Olander 53

I wanted to try out all the heroes who reduce threat all together and here is the result.

A monospirit questing, defence and location controll deck. Wants a Tactics/leadership compainon deck with Gondorian shield and Armored destier as well as the day is rising. Or perhaps a trap teck with entangling nets either way is good. But it's not a deck you play solo, killing enermies is hard for this deck you need some one to take the enermies or has a lot of range . If Spirit Eowyn is on the table add elven light. Use you heroes responses to take care of any theat problems for you fellow players with Song of Erändil. Other than that quest, cancel trecharies and shadow effects the normal drill for a Mono spirit deck, use the weavers to put your favorite sprit event into the deck. Mulligan for either Mirror and Harp or Nenya-