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mirkwoodrunner 210

mirkwoodrunner has a newer deck inspired by this one: mndela's Dori & Bilbo deck v2

I have just built a deck with Dori and Bilbo and weapons and tactics events for Dori, + attachments for Bilbo's defense. That deck is the combat deck and it works a lot, very well, in 2 players, when the other player has a good quester deck, like spirit-Caldara.

I have won easily my first quest-testers, with epic moments include: Journey Anduin: Bilbo defending and Dori defeating enemies like 2 trolls, the Adder, the Uthack... 7th level: Dori defeated a troll Massing Osgiliath: Dori killed .... Witch King! (in only 1 shot)

I was very surprised with those results... I find Dori very versatil: first rounds helping Bilbo while he is building his own tank-machine. And after, he attacks with weapons and KhazadKhazad events, and sometimes helping with centinel, defending enemies from other players.

Another cards to keep Bilbo safe:

  • First of them: Burning Brand, for sure
  • And second: Fast Hitchs, of course
  • Another cards: song mocking, close call, erebor boots, ring mail, gondor shield, half determination

  • The drawing cards is not problem: Master Forge is awesome here, the same Bilbo helps a lot, Gather, Advice (the other hero is lore Pippin), etc.
  • Probably the card id like and i dont have is Unexpected or Miruvor for Dori (the other player may play them for him ^^)

In 2 players mode, this is a good combat deck, while the other players plays a good quester deck (as i said) like caldaras decks.


Apr 02, 2016 mndela 333

Very good deck ^^. Thanks for upload it. Only 1 thing, that it is an important last change: Erebor Keeper! Here is our ready effectfor Dori. Awesome.