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wehehe 373

Far from being finished, this is my first approach to a deck using Thurindir. Delay the enemy is a proxy for the incoming Keep Watch, which is going to be released soon.

Keep Watch is precisely the secondary mission you should be fetching with Thurindir almost every game. Once you get it on your victory pile, Beorn will hold your enemies for a few rounds, until you get a Vigilant DĂșnadan, which, with his 2 defense, will became your main defender for the rest of the game.

For big bosses, you have Close Call Horn's cry, and Dori for emergence damage soaking.

Bifur is a great third hero in this deck, as a lot of lore cards have a cost of 3, and as Bifur targets the resource, and not the hero, he can take Beorn's resources to allow you generate 3 lore resources in a single round. (I am not sure at 100% of this, correct me if I'm wrong)

With this hero lineup and spheres, the only engine of resources I can imagine is using Love of Tales and a few songs. Road Goes Ever On has great sinergy with Thurindir, Song of battle on Bifur is great for resource Smoothing,and Hope Rekindled allows you to play Horn's cry for free, (or fetch for it if you need it and you are in valour).

Dunedain Hunters for some cheap bodies (and also, they have great sinergy with Keep Watch and Sarn Ford Sentries)

I fill the rest of slots with some 2 WP allies with useful abilities: Mirkwood Explorers to explore locations, East Wood Rangers for a rapid clearing of Secondary missions, and Rivendell Minstrel to fetc the songs.

Some healing is provided with wardens of healing and Ioreth, and having Beorn in the deck... Houses of Healing are almost a mandatory card.

As I said in the beggining, this is far from being finished, but it's working quite well and it is a fun deck to play.