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Noccus 44

The general idea of this solo deck is to counter the ents' slowness with an encounter deck delay strategy, in the form of traps & low starting threat. With a starting threat of 20, alot of enemies won't attack right away, giving time to get those ents going. Also, these foes can easily walk into one of your traps.

To start off: Look for Resourceful in your opening hand. 2nd comes Treebeard. If you don't have eighter of these after you mulligan, see if you have Entmoot, Daeron's runes or Mithrandir's advice to draw one of the 1st two with a bit of luck. I know I did a few times.

Draw power: This deck has more then 50 cards. It has amazing draw power. Every time a trap attaches you get a card. Every time you engage a higher threat enemy you get a card. Use Scroll of Isildur to recycle your draw events, and Erebor hammersmith to recycle scroll of Isildur. (or a trap if needs be) Before you know it you have over 2/3 of your deck in your hand, as scroll of Isildur puts the draw power card back in the deck. Which has a high probability of being drawn again as your deck gets thinner & thinner.

Traps: Always play Ithilien pit first when you have it. It's free, and it benefits from your low threat. You get to attack without blocking. With no pit in hand, use ranger spikes. Use forest snare preferably against bigger foes who slipped through and who you don't want to face again. Henamarth works wonders with traps, so if you get gather information, fish him out.

Allies: Get Treebeard out as fast as you can, then quickbeam, then go for the preservers, and finally the wandering ents: the last 2 form the extra quest power you need behind your heroes. Mablung is alot of fun to use as he can boot foes back into previously empty traps. Anborn is there to recycle traps from mid/late game, so don't use the Erebor hammersmith on it, unless you really need one.