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Zeromage 228


Apr 04, 2016 mndela 326

wow, Door is Closed, None Return and Leave no Trade... and Keen, joining the old vilya strategy. Does it work? ^^

Apr 04, 2016 Zeromage 228

I've been trying to build a viable VD deck since I saw the door is closed. I tested this version against chetwood and lost. I made several adjustments and won twice in a row. I'll be releasing a version 2.0 after I play through a few more test runs against other quests, but I think I made it playable.

Apr 05, 2016 mndela 326

I have just built a deck with VD cards. And i find it very strong, the problem is it doesn't add nothing willpower neither combat. Jajaja. But it helps a lot the other player. Look at my list, the name of the deck is Scrying + Victory Pile Management. Nice building!