Hirgon's Army

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Glowwyrm 23

Meant to be part of a fellowship, check out Sideways to Victory! if you're interested to see what that might look like.

A solid Hirgon deck. You can quest solidly from the start, ensuring that you can consistently use Hirgon's ability to drop big tactics allies into play. Mablung helps speed up the resources, and can serve equally well as attacker, defender, or quester. The allies are meant to handle the bulk of the combat, so if you can give yourself some time to build up your forces, even better.

I look for Legolas in my opening hand, as he's the only source of card draw, but if I can't find him I'll settle for Vigilant Dunedain. The partner deck is build around exploring side quests and has Thurindir, so his ability should be good from the first turn. The Raiment of War goes on the Vigilant Dunedain so that he has some extra staying power as a defender, and the Honor Guard helps protect him as well.

This deck is great in multiplayer, as a lot of the allies have ranged and sentinel. Once you get enough of your allies on the table, you can handle any combat situation. The Eagles of the Misty Mountain can get very powerful, but I never found myself wanting to use my resources on Support of the Eagles. You could swap it it for the Raiment of War or for some other ally, but that's a matter of preference. Quest hard, drop your allies in, kill stuff. Pretty straightforward and fun!