The Forest Devours

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Warden of Arnor 3638

Warden of Arnor has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Forest Devours

How to balance out the very late-game/support focused nature of the Rossiel/Victory Display mechanic into something a bit more dynamic throughout the game (and possibly even solo-viable against some quests) - pair with the biggest front-loaded early-game heavy hitters you can get, in the form of Beorn and Treebeard. Let the tree and the bear tank and smash things while you build up a board state and get cards into the victory display, then go nuts with Rossiel, Keen as Lances and The Door is Closed!

More details in the blog post:


Apr 22, 2016 Mythdracon 1

Would this deck work without Galadhrim Minstrel and Good Harvest? I've been meaning to try it out with friends in person but don't have the expansions those cards come from.

Apr 22, 2016 Warden of Arnor 3638

Without Good Harvest obviously you can't have Unexpected Courage either. The deck can't do as much without that action advantage, you'll have to choose ech round what to do with Rossiel and Treebeard, quest or combat, but you can still do pretty well (and of course your friends can play UC cross-table onto you if they're feeling helpful). Galadhrim Minstrel can have a pretty big impact given how much this deck can run on key events, but you probably could manage without. Maybe put in Gleowine for a different kind of draw, or Mithrandir's Advice (wait no, that's the same pack as Good Harvest which you said you don't have). Short answer, yes, probably, though it may drop the efficiency a touch, drop UC as well because you can't play it without Good Harvest, and I'm not entirely sure what you should replace them with.