Beregond & Legolas escort Eowyn

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Beregond & Legolas with Glorfindel - Call of Isengard 1 1 0 1.0

Renaud 41

A rather straight forward but quite fun and powerful deck, especially in multiplayer games, with cards until (and including) Call of Isengard and Hobbit saga.

Strong sentinel defender with Beregond + gondorian shield, strong range attacker with Legolas / Bow / Rivendel blade, and Eowyn obviously for questing and blue events.

A bit light on questing and threat reduction though, but otherwise it can defend, attack, draw, cancel a few things from encounter deck or staging area, and help other players.

Another version of this deck can be made by using the sideboard, by replacing Eowyn with Glorfindel, 3 Hasty Stroke with 3 Light of Valinor, and 3 Galadhrim's Greeting with Elrond's Counsel. Elven Mail can be an option too.