All purpose Gandalf Elrond

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Pyrrhus 8

This is the deck I use to beat most of the scenarios when playing solo.


Jun 19, 2017 penninck 1

Nice deck, I run something similar if Iwant to power through a quest without much special deckbuilding. Could you explain why to still take 3 of Light of Valinor, Vilya and Shadowfax. With 3x master of the forge I usually find attachments easy enough to limit to 2 of any. Cutting each to 2 of, would free up for extras Protector of Lorien, Bilbo, ...

Jun 19, 2017 Pyrrhus 8

Thank you for your nice comments. Yes, one could run fewer Valinors and Shadowfaxes, for sure. But I have found out that the Masters of the Forge tend to have so much to do - looking for Vilya, Steward of Gondor, Wizard Pipe, Gandalf's Staff, Shadowfax, Unexpected Courage, Burning Brand (in that order of importance) - that is is quite welcome when I draw one of these attachments regularly. I even use Gandalf's Staff at least half of the time for card drawing (instead of its other two abilities) just to get all the stuff that I want in my hand. With such a high starting threat it is very important to get the deck going quite quickly, and that means getting Vilya and a strong defender very soon. I oftentimes use Shield of Gondor as well to have Gandalf defend for 6 (3 + Shield + Arwen). I do not rate Protector of Lorien very highly. I rather use my extras to discard into Daeron's Runes. But your suggestions are equally valid, for sure.