Pure Core Tactics

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mtngrown 15

Supposedly it's possible to beat Passage Through Mirkwood using a mono Tactics deck. If so, it's hard. This deck got me round 9, but almost no progress on the quest. It might actually be worth adding some of the cards I left out, being able to stop all attacks for even 1 turn could make a difference. It's probably worth adding in a third Horn of Gondor, Beorn and Swift Strike as well.

Versions 0.1 and 0.2 are using 2 core sets.


Jun 30, 2017 Makofan 1

Here is my tactics deck walkthrough I did last month, worked great


Jul 01, 2017 mtngrown 15

@Makofan I beat Passage Through Mirkwood a couple of times with this deck about a week ago. I'm pretty sure I could do it with a single core set deck now, really just comes down to whether the encounter deck goes into location lock or not. 2 for 7, not bad.