Erestor Outlands for Solo

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Rouxxor 716

There is the fastest outlands deck I know. We draw a lot and generate plenty of resources in order to play outlands as fast as possible so we can get an outrageous number of quest or attack stats.

This deck is a complete failure in some scenario with a reset or a blockage (Escape from Dol Guldur, nin-el-peth, old forest...) because you will lose your allies whatever you do. You can add some "men of the west" who don't solve it completely but help a little. For the other 95% of the existing quest we may be in trouble on turn one but after that we got an army, with some trash allies, a lot of quest and attack.

We try to draw as many cards as possible each turn with Erestor effect, Galadriel effect and daeron rune. We must have legacy of numenor on turn one but with virtually 6 copy (and sometime even more with others players) and so many draw it is among a 90% of success. Then we play gaining strength and steward of gondor in Hirluin and we can have wealth of gondor on him too. So many resources in order to play all the allies until the end of turn. Of course we start with the outlands one (we only do hunter of lamedon effect if you have too many resources!) then the small others.