From the Shire to Mordor

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brunobluhm 31

Classic hobbit deck for Saga adventures.

Thematic rule: only use unique allies in order to simulate the Fellowship - as if only important characters decided to help the hobbits with their quests.

Tests: I have played the first 4 Saga adventures, and have had 100% victory rate.

Hero roles:

  • Sam: quests and defends. Some defense combos work really well with him. For example: hobbit cloak, gondorian shield and steward of gondor, staff of lebethron, +1 defense from his readying ability, halfling determination and, in Saga, Sting; 1st candidate for fast hitch;

  • Pippin: quest, card draw and help with engagement cost (very helpful);

  • Merry: quest and combat (attack); Classic combo: dagger of westernesse; 2nd candidate for fast hitch;

Other facts:

  • Card draw: Pippin, Daeron Runes, Foe-Hammer, Gandalf, GlĂ©owine, Legolas;

  • Ally acceleration: Elf-Stone, A Very Good Tale, Send for Aid; (this is very important, since the allies here are quite expensive)

  • Resource Acceleration: Steward of Gondor; Sword-thain; plus ally/attachment acceleration (Elf-Stone and Galadriel mostly)

  • Encounter deck manipulation/cancelation: Scout Ahead; Henamarth Reversong; Take No Notice; Staff of Lebethron (for shadow cards) and Frodo Saga (for when revealed effects);

  • Readying: Sam's ability (main feature in this deck); Gimli's ability; Fast Hitch;

  • Questing: Faramir, CelebrĂ­an's Stone, plus starting questing power is amazing; (it blends well with the readying abilities)

Some numbers:

  • Sam can defend with up to 7/9: 1 (base) + 2 (hobbit cloak) + 2 (gondorian shield in its prime) + 1 (sting, only in saga) + 1 (his readying ability) + 2 (halfling determination);

  • Merry can attack with up to 8/10: 4 (base, in Saga) + 4 (two daggers) + 2 (halfling determination);

  • Starting questing power: 9 (3 Sam, 2 Merry, 2 Pippin, 2 Frodo);

I still have to try it in combat heavy adventures, since this deck has a slow start. But it is very reliable in mid-late game.


Jul 12, 2017 D4rkWolf10 313

@brunobluhmit looks like your deck would benefit from another deck that starts a little more aggressively alongside it to protect it until it comes online (similar to Outlands). It would be tough to really get a super thematic deck going as yours has a lot of major characters from the books, but Beregond comes to mind as a reliable early game defender in tandem with some Spirit allies and maybe another Spirit hero along with some Tactics cards to help with combat.

Overall a cool deck, thematic decks are a personal favorite of mine. Nice work.

Jul 12, 2017 brunobluhm 31

Hello @D4rkWolf10, thank you! This deck has been super fun to play. I just got the Black Riders and Road Darkens expansions, and decided to give it a try focusing on theme (specially hobbits). I have just finished all the 6 adventures, and won them all (for me, this is a first! I usually suffer a lot before learning how to play a set of adventures properly, specially because I mostly play solo).

In terms of first rounds, yes, that is the weak spot of this deck. In Saga that has not been a problem for 3 reasons mostly: 1) Frodo gives 2 more questing points - very important early game - plus a 'when revealed' cancelation ability; and 2) Boons such as 'tireless ranger', 'mr underhill' and 'sting' are helping a lot defensively.

Another helpful thing is the low starting threat (20), that gives the deck time to settle before the swarm of enemies appear.

Although, even when I rushed (the Balrog adventure), this deck handled the adventure really well (I left Moria without even glimpsing the Balrog's danger).

But I still have to test this one on adventures outside the Saga world, and I do feel it wouldn't work well with Battle/Siege adventures.

Since I made this for solo, I was thinking good options (thematic as well) for playing the campaign 2-handed. Do you have any suggestions? I am having difficulties on ideas because most effects on this deck only work with higher engagement cost enemies...

Jul 26, 2017 mekane 26

Very cool thematic deck, I like it a lot! Is "Anborn" a stand-in for Aragorn?