Smoking thematically along The Two Towers...

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Frost15 19

I will be testing this deck to complete the Uruk Hai quest thematically with Pippin as their captive. Edit: A week after I managed to complete the Uruk Hai quest solo in my fifth run after a bit of "sideboarding", yet I must say this deck is funny, really funny to play. Now I'll try to complete the whole expansion with this funny deck.

Edit: Today I proceeded to complete the Helm's Deep Quest and I DESTROYED it, I don't know if I was lucky but this deck's synergy is sublime and funny at the same time. I managed to complete it solo with a final score of 18!!! I "sideboarded" 1 Elrond, 3 Imladris Caregiver and 1 Fortune of Fate in and 3 Snowbourn Scout and 2 Northern Tracker out. The result was awesome. I took a mulligan in the first hand draw and then got a pretty nice 6 starting cards. I think this deck may be better than I expected at first... not just funny.

When I finish the expansion I'll try to create a version of this deck focused on itself, since its current version is giving a bit of love to Fellowship Aragorn.