Fast Moving Hobbits (Saga Campaign - The Black Riders)

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Mr Underhill 331

I'm playing a fast campaign run ahead of the Mountain of Fire release.

This was my deck for The Black Riders. It's the standard hobbit lineup with a streamlined deck that's a little more fast moving than the typical "big allies" build. I would definitely add Rosie Cotton once she is available.

  • Shadow of the Past.

2 attempts (1 Loss, 1 Win). On the first run I revealed a second Black Rider on turn 1, and could not quest past them after that. On the second run, Gildor Inglorion showed up early and Henamarth Riversong was invaluable. I took Mr Underhill as the boon, and Gandalf's Delay as the Burden.

  • The Old Forest

1 attempt, 1 Win. A very easy quest. I decided to focus on questing rather than attack Old Man Willow, so I did not get the Old Bogie Stories boon.

  • A Knife in the Dark

1 attempt, 1 Win. I subbed in 2x Son of Arnor to engage Bill Ferny, but ended up not needing them. I tried to avoid adding Ringwraiths to the encounter deck whenever possible, raising my threat quickly and hovering around 37 for the big battle at the end. I chose Tireless Ranger as a boon and gave it to Sam Gamgee.

  • Fog on the Barrow Downs

2 attempts (1 loss, 1 win). What an awesome quest! On the first attempt I got a poor draw and was hit by a Chill Fog, which discarded 17 resources and raised my threat by an equal amount. On the second go I got a better draw and was able to keep the wights under control with Merry. Earned the Ho! Tom Bombadil! boon.

  • Flight to the Ford

1 attempt, 1 Win. I subbed in 1x Armored Destrier in place of 1 Dunedain Warning. The game ended with 5 life left on the Ringbearer. Eaten Alive! was the only burden added to the campaign log.

And now, The Road Darkens...


Oct 01, 2017 wlk 1

Thanks for that deck, I wanted to replay the saga. Please share your Road Darkens deck when it's ready.

Oct 01, 2017 Mr Underhill 331

My pleasure! Here it is: