Fast Moving Hobbits (Saga Campaign - The Black Riders)

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Mr Underhill 1122

Mr Underhill has updated this deck: Escape from Moria (Saga Campaign - The Road Darkens)

I'm playing a fast campaign run ahead of the Mountain of Fire release.

This was my deck for The Black Riders. It's the standard hobbit lineup with a streamlined deck that's a little more fast moving than the typical "big allies" build. I would definitely add Rosie Cotton once she is available.

  • Shadow of the Past.

2 attempts (1 Loss, 1 Win). On the first run I revealed a second Black Rider on turn 1, and could not quest past them after that. On the second run, Gildor Inglorion showed up early and Henamarth Riversong was invaluable. I took Mr Underhill as the boon, and Gandalf's Delay as the Burden.

  • The Old Forest

1 attempt, 1 Win. A very easy quest. I decided to focus on questing rather than attack Old Man Willow, so I did not get the Old Bogie Stories boon.

  • A Knife in the Dark

1 attempt, 1 Win. I subbed in 2x Son of Arnor to engage Bill Ferny, but ended up not needing them. I tried to avoid adding Ringwraiths to the encounter deck whenever possible, raising my threat quickly and hovering around 37 for the big battle at the end. I chose Tireless Ranger as a boon and gave it to Sam Gamgee.

  • Fog on the Barrow Downs

2 attempts (1 loss, 1 win). What an awesome quest! On the first attempt I got a poor draw and was hit by a Chill Fog, which discarded 17 resources and raised my threat by an equal amount. On the second go I got a better draw and was able to keep the wights under control with Merry. Earned the Ho! Tom Bombadil! boon.

  • Flight to the Ford

1 attempt, 1 Win. I subbed in 1x Armored Destrier in place of 1 Dunedain Warning. The game ended with 5 life left on the Ringbearer. Eaten Alive! was the only burden added to the campaign log.

Edit: Here's a playthrough of Shadow of the Past.

I changed the deck as follows: -1 Faramir, -1 Treebeard, +2 Rosie Cotton.


Oct 01, 2017 wlk 1

Thanks for that deck, I wanted to replay the saga. Please share your Road Darkens deck when it's ready.

Oct 01, 2017 Mr Underhill 1122

My pleasure! Here it is:

Nov 02, 2017 thaiboy79 1

Looks like a fantastic deck, thanks for sharing! What would you think about substituting Foe Hammer for Daeron's Runes?

Nov 02, 2017 Mr Underhill 1122

My pleasure. I wouldn't do that substitution unless you don't have access to Daeron's Runes. The reasons are: 1. Daeron's Runes is strictly better because it's not conditional and you can throw away unwanted copies of unique cards if you happen to draw them, and 2. with only three weapon cards in the deck, Foe Hammer is a dead card if you draw it before Dagger of Westernesse. I would not run Foe Hammer unless my deck includes 5–6 weapons, or if there are very few other draw options (such as for a mono tactics deck).

Nov 02, 2017 thaiboy79 1

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!