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Zeromage 234

This isn't the most powerful solo deck, but I have used it to beat We must away, ere break of day, Nightmare Anduin both on the first try. With Ere Away, I delayed the trolls coming out until I nearly had the encounter deck exhausted, and then brought them in just as it was about to run out. You can use your cards to control the threat in the staging area pretty effectively against that quest.

The deck has no chance of actually harming the trolls though, so you have to win by exhausting the encounter deck. I believe it wouldn't fare well against any combat heavy deck, but thanks to the wellinghall preservers it is a very effective questing deck. If you have resourceful you want to use your Out of the Wilds, and Risk Some Lights to get rid of the card that discards all attachments, as losing Resourcefuls is almost a game-ender for this deck.

Ideally you want at least one copy of resourceful in your starting hand, so you'll want to mulligan for it. Your ideal opening hand would obviously be multiple copies of it, and an Out of the Wild.

If you don't get a resourceful before you get out of secrecy you're probably going to lose.

Have fun, and let me know if you come up with any improvements! I'll try some more quests with the deck and report back.


Apr 09, 2016 Zeromage 234

Deck has defeated Conflict at the Carrock 2/2 times, and lost to Chetwood 3/3 times.