Fourth-spheres dwarven

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mndela 333


Apr 08, 2016 Rajam 117

Hard to not put this deck at the top after seeing mandela run this in OCTGN; the amount of allies it puts into play is amazing, nothing to envy from Elrond-Vilnya decks

Apr 08, 2016 mndela 333

Thanks. Were fun games ;) Thinking if adding Dain in sideboard section. When nobody plays Dain. Instead Thorin. Depend if you want more resources (to accelerate the number of allies in game), or more boosted stadistics.

Apr 09, 2016 jodudeit 16

Love this deck! It gets really degenerate when the other player's deck has Dain in it.

Apr 09, 2016 mndela 333

Sure! I'm thinking about changes. I uploaded it too fast. Tighten Our Belts is not needed, just first round, and after is useless. I would change for To me! O my kinsfolk! (on sideboard), sure you can chose which ally put into play (maybe Master?^^) for only 1 resource. The deck is very good for this event.