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Zeek 52

This deck was built to try and bring out the potential of Gandalf(OHaUH) while utilising the amazing hobbit trio of Merry, Pippin, and Sam Wise the Brave. There are two primary goals of this deck: get Gandalf(OHaUH) out, constantly reduce your threat to counteract Gandalf's(OHaUH) threat increase and make Sam Wise the Brave the biggest defensive bad-ass this side of the Anduin.

You will want to try and mulligan for a Master of the Forge but I have won several games where he wasn't in my opening hand so it isn't necessary. The hand you will ultimately want is one where you can utilise that first turn secrecy (resourceful, timely aid, celduin traveler).

Given the low amount and low cost of the lore cards, you will not want to give a resourceful to Pippin. You will definitely want at least one on Merry and one on Sam with the third being put where you need it most when it arrives. The Staff, Cloak, and Destrier are for Sam while Fast Hitch and Friend of Friends are for Merry and Pippin. This will make Sam an almost unstoppable defender while making Merry and Pippin decent attackers.

The allies in this deck are primarily to support everyone else. Healing, attachment fishing, encounter deck peaking, etc. The events are meant for three things only: treachery protection, deck fishing and threat reduction (emphasis on the threat reduction). This deck will usually finish games less than or equal to 15 threat so be prepared to quest well, hit hard and ignore what you want.

Hope you all enjoy, cheers!!