Heart of Gold

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Been wanting to create a Na'asiyah deck for awhile that I really loved. My old version used Arwen/Denethor, but that particular hero combination, especially in tandem with Steward of Gondor, felt a bit stale to me. I went back to the drawing board and brought in my favorite hero, Grima, to add some spice. The overall goal of the deck is for Na'asiyah to handle nearly all the combat, while the rest of the heroes and allies focus on questing and providing support to her.

A few main notes:

  • The primary resource engine for Na'asiyah is Keys of Orthanc (combined with Grima's ability), Arwen's ability combined with Elf-friend on Na'asiyah, and finally Resourceful. There is no secrecy here, so you're paying nearly the full cost of Resourceful, but in practice this is really only 3 with Grima, and you can view it as a transfer of resources from the other heroes to Na'asiyah. Steward is more straightforward than all of this obviously, but it works quite well in practice, and because the resource engine is spread out over several pieces, you don't get stuck as you would if you don't end up drawing Steward.

  • Unexpected Courage is vital to allow Na'asiyah to ready, but Spare Hood and Cloak does well here for some additional readying. There are several allies in the deck (Ioreth, Master of the Forge, and Lindon Navigator) that make good targets for the Cloak because they are often standing and can be available to either use the Cloak to ready Na'asiyah or to use their own ability. Then, during rounds when there is no combat, Na'asiyah can exhaust to pass the Cloak back.

  • Lindon Navigator is an interesting ally here, because there is enough card draw to allow her to quest, she is a fantastic Cloak bearer (because she doesn't exhaust to quest) and 2 hit points goes a long way in a quester.

That's about it! Have fun with everyone's favorite pirate with a heart of gold!