Red Arrow Brings Rohan to Gondor's Aid

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GMAN3000 8

My first shot at publishing a deck. My thought process for the deck is detailed below. Let me know if you have any suggestions, what you think, and how it works for you. Thanks for checking this out!

Starting threat is actually 27 since Eowyn card says to reduce threat by 3 during setup. This is important in some quests as 30 can really step up the class of enemies you now are forced to engage. 27 gives you a chance to build up your defences first.

Heros can quest for 11 at anytime to keep things rolling. Thanks Theoden for inspiring the troops! Grimbold, Gandolf and Elfhelm can add to that. The red arrow can also give a boost to willpower. This should be enough to avoid being location locked even on most of the heavy location quests. A card that could be added to the sideboard for quests where heros would be attacking instead of questing a lot, blade of gondolin, was not because I thought that it didnt fit with the theme even if it would synergize well with foehammer which is also on the sideboard.

Rohan ally attackers can be boosted by spear of the mark as well as Theoden if low on allys at any moment. Eowyns ability to ready and raise attack by 9 once per game gives the ability to take down a big foe easily. Legolas also provides a consistent attacker as does Gandolf. Gondorian spearman can also provide some attack on low attacking enemies especially if boosted with the spear of the citadel. Quick strike was not included in the sideboard since there is enough defense to handle attacks and attacks will most likely be done in groups to finish off an enemey. However, unseen strike could be considered for extra attack for those big opponents but since the deck isnt exactly low in threat, it was only added to the sideboard and saved for special occasions. If included, quick strike could then maybe be considered for a great 1 cost combo. Lastly, in regard to Rohan attacking allies, can we please get a Eomer tatics ally?

Gondor defenders can be boosted by raiments of war as well as spear of the citadel. Behind strong walls and the amount of strong defending allies can make sure a gondor ally is always there to block the attack. Gondorian discipline can prevent low health defenders from death as well as preventing undefended attacks which can be directed to Hirgon. White tower watchman can also help undefended attacks which can keep another character ready for attack if needed. Feint and Grimbold can also just stop an attack alogether. Golden shield also provides Theodin the ability to be a big time defendor if needed in rare cases.

Hirgon questing successfully helps with reasource managment by reducing a tactics ally by 1. A key to the deck is to not lose allys to avoid getting into resource trouble - make every reasource count. This is why the deck is heavy in defenders and attachements for those allys to boost their defense and health. A key to that being raiments of war getting onto defenders of rammas creating a 5 defense 3 hp ally. Worst case scenario, the horn of gondor can help reduce the penalty of losing an ally. Elfhelm can also be a quick stopgap if needed by being able to come into play for 1 round with just 1 reasource. The red arrow can get a costly needed ally into play for free in the late game.

Card draw is a bit of a liabilty with the deck which is where Legolas comes in handy early. Foehammer was also consider but left to the sideboard since heros with weapon attachments that would be attacking and not questing was unlikely but possible. Unique cards are somewhat limited to make sure card draws count - you dont want a unique card already in play being drawn when you are in a tight spot. The multiple uniques included all have some sort of discarding ability with the exception of Legolas.

Threat management is included in secret vigil and favor of valar. Gandolf was not included from the core set in favor of the hobbit set verson to help with both questing and attack since he doesnt exhaust to quest. Paying the 2 point penalty each round may be worth it to keep things moving and enemys out of the staging area. Should even more threat management be needed (or card draw), the core set Gandolf can be swapped in from the sideboard.

Shadow cards can be dealt with nicely by sterner than steel since defending allys should have an attachment more times than not. Feint also provides a means to just stop shadow cards all together by just not allowing the enemy to attack.

The biggest liabilty is that there is no treachery or when revealed management in this deck. The hope is that you have built a strong enough force of allys to withstand the treachery cards long enough to win. Otherwise, co op or 2 handed with a spirit deck with treachy and when revealed managment would be ideal.

Readying a character is limited with this deck. Eowyn's 1 time per game ability for +9 attack and behind strong walls which can ready a defending Gondor character are the only options which can be issues in certain quests that limit heros or allys. Co op or 2 handed will be needed for Escape from Dol Goldur in almost all tries for example. Gandolf is the only hope for a strong quest and attacking force when characters are limited but at the cost of 5, it will take a bit before he gets involved if you even draw him. White council and hold your ground could be added or swapped from the side board if more readying is needed but it was decided that the white council didnt fit the theme. Hold your ground would only ready Theodin and gondorian spearman so keep that in mind. That should be acceptable as Theodin would probably be the choice out of the three heros to attack and defend anyway.

The deck is very thematic considering the story of the red arrow. Legolas is still considered to part of the Rohan attacking force in the deck. Foehammer would fit from the sideboard if used considering Gandalf is involved. Hold your ground, even though referencing Borimir on the cards text is also considered to fit into any of the legandary battles - hold your ground against the forces of Sauron! Along the same lines, favor of valar seems to fit as they do favor those against Sauron. Even though unseen strike features an elf for the art and seems to be referencing the elves fighting prowess and quickness, I felt it fit well in a Rohan attacking deck since Rohan's timely aid seems often unseen by the enemy and is devasting as those at Helms Deep would tell you.

Gondor defenders. Rohan attackers. The red arrow brings Rohan to Gondor's aid.


Dec 14, 2017 The BGamerJoe 1280

I really like your thematic ally lineup and it works well! I highlighted your deck on the LOTR Testing Ground blog. Great deck!

Dec 15, 2017 GMAN3000 8

Thanks BGamerJoe! I wasnt aware of the LotR Testing Ground blog yet but I can see the effort you put into it. Ill definately be a regular there now. Appreciate you taking the time to try out and feature my deck. This game has a great community!