The Three Hunters Deck for the Uruk-Hai Quest

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Seastan 15086

I tried to stick as strictly to theme as possible here and still have a shot at beating the Uruk-hai quest.

Meant to be used with FotW Aragorn. Pippin is the captive of course.

The main difficulties you'll face are:

  1. Threat lock due to not enough willpower
  2. Archery damage
  3. Gimli's low defense

So I like to aim for quick early game willpower (Strider/Celebrian's Stone, StWB, Banner of Elendil). By clearing out the initial location the 3 cost attachments become playable on turn 2.

There's still a fair amount of luck involved in your success, but I like needing some good luck to win plays right into the theme of this quest.