MEC08 Flight From Moria - Solo

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Sarseth 58

Total luck!

Abandoned tools on start. Dreadful Gad there, waiting for boosting by 3 points shadow. But I had Riversong who could peek and top card making questing easy, not having to be afraid to quest to much. The Escape from Darkness came 2nd, the previous one was put at the bottom (Blocked by Shadow - didnt try it, cause knew there was treachery. Thou taking next one, as Caleb said I do reveal 2B at once, so I could put quest in 2nd round there). No enemeis at all!! A foe beyond on 1 phase [as a gurad to abandoned tools xD ], no dmg, later 2 attachments removed by Miner Iron Hills.. wasnt problem, Steward of Gondor on Bilbo.. )
But I did not like this quest. The wording "reveal next quest card" and sometimes worind to reavl 2B or not to.. And no errate'd. I dont wanna come back to this one. Shame, pretty neat idea, but done terribly!

4 completed rounds = 40
Total combined Threat = 24
Total damage on Heroes = 2
Cost of dead Heroes = 0
Victory points = 2