TGH Voyage Across Belegaer

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Enthroned 1

I tried to defeat this stage many times but kept on failing, I got on to my first stage 2 part of the quest and that was it... for a while.

I finally defeated this stage and thought I'd share the cards I used.

I learnt three things about this scenario: 1) you need to commit a lot of Will power to the quest, 2) you need a lot of Allies and 3) you need to keep your ship on course.

1) To gain the Will Power I simply quested with Aragon, Theodred and, when I could, Dream-Chaser and of course allies when needed.

2) For my allies, I only included low-cost allies (apart from Faramir) so I could keep playing them as and when I had the opportunity. Allies helped across the board.

3) To keep my ship on course I always, when off-course, commit at least one Allie to the sailing test. When faced with treachery cards I'd normally always take the option which didn't involve moving off-course.

Anyway, feel free to see if this works for you or not. Enjoy