Elrond, Beravor & Mirlonde LORE 3 Player Deck

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brendalwulf 1

A three player deck used alongside a Leadership & Tactics deck with a strong focus on being able to use healing and staging area mitigation when used. It has a strong questing character in Elrond supported by Mirlonde usually each time.

Beravor is there to aid other players in the group with card draw and then a lot of the focus is on mitigation and using resources towards a lot of events rather than big allies.

Usually works rather well and even though we're lacking a Spirit deck in the 3 player set up it actually works very nicely since it helps deal with some of the problems that have arisen from Shadow Effects and Treacheries.

We have got halfway through the second cycle of the game with this deck and only lost two of the scenarios we've played, mainly due to bad luck.