Dwarf Deck - Tactics & Leadership - Two Player Partnership

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brendalwulf 1

Part of a two-player partnership with the other player taking Lore & Spirit Dwarves to bulk up our force of wandering fellows.

Tried to also theme this a bit so whilst there might be some cards absent - well, that's all so we can actually push the theme a bit more here. Not meant to be incredibly competitive either haha.

Either way, it's similar to a deck I've run through before into the various cycles and it does seem to have a good dose of staying power even though it won't do much questing. As you might imagine, Thalin pulls his weight nearly all the time!

Anything missing then please let me know!


Feb 14, 2018 BrianS 1

Azain Silverbeard would be a useful ally to add to this deck and I'm not sure that Boots from Erebor or Veteran of Nanduhirion are worth their place in the deck. As there is no eagle synergy Defender of Rammas gives you the same defence as Winged Guardian without the resource drain.