Fly Like An Eagle

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It's been awhile since I dabble in eagles, and even in the past, I usually always used eagles as part of a multiplayer setup. This time around, I wanted to try my hand at a solo eagles deck. Hirgon was the first hero I selected and seemed like the best starting point, as one of the main problems with an eagle deck is that the main cards are expensive (Eagles of the Misty Mountains, Support of the Eagles, etc.). Hirgon can at least help pay for some of the allies, while providing questing power. With Support of the Eagles included, Boromir seemed like the logical best choice to take advantage of that attachment. Arwen comes in as the vital third piece to provide needed questing support from the Spirit sphere. With her ability to generate extra resources for herself, she can pump out those vital 2-will allies while providing some card draw as well. Some additional notes on the deck:

  • Gondorian Shield is a valuable backup plan/supplement to Support of the Eagles. It is also a great card to look for early on so that Boromir can provide cover until the eagles are on the board. Even with Hirgon, it takes awhile to get moving and Boromir is needed to provide cover.
  • Eagles of the Misty Mountains is by far the most important ally. Get him out as early as you can so that when the cheaper, squishier eagle allies leave the board, the Eagles of the Misty Mountains gets pumped up.
  • I didn't include shenanigans to pop Descendant of Thorondor in and out of play, as it just costs too much to do that kind of recurring, even at 3 cost. Still, the Descendant can be useful and I wanted to include as many eagles as I could.
  • Elf-friend can potentially let Arwen give resources to the Tactics heroes, but I only included 1 copy as it's not a vital part of the strategy.

The rest should be pretty straightforward. The early plan is to get a Shield on Boromir, along with at least one 2-willpower ally. Then, from there, you want to get out the key eagle cards. Enjoy!


Oct 18, 2018 spuzzrdb 1

thanks for your time and deck