Rohan Strikes !

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Arkane 135

Arkane has updated this deck: Rohan Strikes !

This deck use the combined cost reduction of both Hirgon and Theoden to bring allies into the game at a bargain price. Eomer is here for the air strike in the the staging area with Guthwine and Firefoot our hero can deal a wooping 7 damages to unsuspecting foes while bringing back an ally from the grave.

Theoden: he is our main hero tank . Shield , dunedain warning , Arwen bonus can bring him to 6-7 defense. he can also quest and fight with Snowmane and Herugrim.

Eomer: Our dedicated killer

Hirgon: here mostly to quest and bring in cheaper tactic allies.

Allies: Mostly Rohan guys with the exception of Defender of Rammas and Arwen. Recuring Rohan allies with Guthwine is a godsend, you can chose wich ally will help you the most on the next round. Card advantage: Guthwine and ancient Mathom Ressources: This deck dont run any ressources providing card, the costs of the allies is reduced so these were not necessary during playtesting

This deck has one shotted The black serpent on his first sortie. A very fun and interesting deck to play!

Comments are welcomed.


Mar 14, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 681

How often is this deck's high threat a problem for Eomer?

Mar 14, 2018 Arkane 135

The only threat management this deck has is Gandalf, i would definetively add some for high threat quests ( elrond warning, well warned) but so far its ok for i played heavy fightning senarios. Eomer is able to strike mostly high threat ennemies , more threat management could help and give him more availables targets, ill give it a try!

Mar 14, 2018 pd187540 8

Since you have a spirit hero, you really should add Galadhrim's Greeting to reduce threat.

Mar 14, 2018 Arkane 135

yes great idea! will add 2 copies, will cut a Grimbold and a Mathom.