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Rouxxor 990

I first build this deck to fit the thematic rules of the Free Races of Middle-earth of the Lure of Middle-Earth event: http://lureofmiddleearth.com/rules-the-free-races-of-middle-earth/ . Then I make some change to improve the efficiency of the deck.

As a Harad deck he want to install Harad allies as fast as possible. For the interesting one it rarely mean on turn one but start from the turn two we try to play those big allies with awesome abilities. We then enjoy them at the best with Kahliel ability for discarding any multiple exemplar we might draw. Our two others heroes are here to take over a quite hard thing for many deck: blocking bigs enemies. It is a very important thing to have Heroes that make a job on their own, and not only helping you to get allies in play since we are the only tribe who can't have many allies since too many are unique. So Beregond is better than Galadriel.

So we are more a fight/support deck with a side Harad strategy. And I think that is all that Harad can offer for now.