Let the Sideshow Begin

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TalesftCards 4415

This is my latest attempt at a solo Rossiel deck. While I've had success with Rossiel two handed/multiplayer, finding a truly strong solo Rossiel deck has been a white whale situation. I'm not sure if this deck really reaches that goal, but it sure is fun to play!

The basic idea of the deck is to use side quests to help Rossiel get powered up while also powering up Thurindir at the same time. Together, Rossiel can cover defense while Thurindir covers attack, and they both can quest for high numbers once things get rolling.

Some important piloting instructions:

  • Use Thurindir's ability to grab Scout Ahead. Finish Scout Ahead as soon as possible to put a location in the victory display so that Rossiel can get her willpower bump. For this reason, I haven't included Leave No Trace. Instead, I have 3 copies of None Return which you should use at the earliest opportunity to put an enemy in the victory display. (I haven't experimented with the opposite approach of using Scout Ahead to put an enemy in first and including Leave No Trace instead of None Return. Might be worth a try!) Scout Ahead also gives you the added bonus of controlling the all-important first few turns of the game.
  • Use Gather Information to grab Magic Ring. Magic Ring is fantastic with Rossiel, giving her additional readying and healing (as well as resources when needed). If Magic Ring is already out, then Treebeard is always a fantastic grab, as is pulling out a copy of None Return.
  • The defensive strategy for Rossiel includes Gondorian Shield, A Burning Brand, damage cancellation from Honour Guard, and plenty of healing.
  • The offensive strategy for Thurindir is Legacy Blade and Wingfoot to be able to quest and then attack.
  • Note that I didn't include Out of the Wild. It's a good Rossiel card, but there's no space for it and while it's great for setting up The Door is Closed!, it is a bit too slow for what this deck is trying to do.



Apr 13, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

Would this deck work if you dropped most of the allies for the Ent suite?

Apr 13, 2018 TalesftCards 4415

@Wandalf the Gizzard I think that's definitely a potential route to take. The deck is already a bit slow so I wonder if that would make it even slower, but the upshot is it would be a lot more stable/strong once it does get going.

Apr 14, 2018 jamjams32 540

Love the idea of the deck and I’m excited to try it. Always love more unique and original decklists. Thank you

Apr 14, 2018 Odsidian22 228

I don't think the entire suite is a terrible idea, maybe not the full catalog but a few. The low threat helps with the slow start. You would also have more to do with Treebeard resources.