Side Questing for the Win (My Favorite Solo Deck)

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jamjams32 725

This is a incredibly fun and powerful solo (or multiplayer) deck that has been steam rolling most quests it’s gone up against. It can quest hard, defend well, and can hit like a truck. It can heal, make money, and draw cards. I’ve taken it through 15 quests and haven’t seen any major flaws or deficiencies.

If I get Light of Valinor in my opening 6 cards, i will use Thurindir’s ability to get Keep Watch as this side quest is so so good. If I don’t end up seeing Light of Valinor I’ll often just fetch Gather Information to then go find it.

I undervalued Legacy Blade slightly when i first saw it. But my goodness is it good. Zero cost weapon that can quickly get boosted up. I’ve had many games that I’ve had both out on Thurindir with 2-3 side quests in the victory display. Getting up to +6 attack is insane. It’s also another great cheap way to get Foe Hammer going.

With Thurindir in play, I’ll get a side quest done by the second round at the latest which turns on characters like Vigilent Dunedain and Rider of Rohan which are incredibly good value cards. I’ll often have Arwen on the board and give her +1 defense to Vigilent Dúnedain so he’s defending for 3. Combined with Keep Watch in play and him not having to exhaust to defend, it’s incredibly powerful.

This deck also has been built with its heroes to take adavantage of the amazing card Heirs of Earendill. If you haven’t had a chance to play this card, please go do so. An absolutely clutch card.

This is a deck that starts off modestly in terms of power level but with its low starting threat, it often has enough time to establish a powerful board state that can handle anything.

This has been the first deck I’ve played that has really opened my eyes to how good and powerful side quests can be. And it’s not just that the side quests themselves are good but that it turns on many other really good cards. This is an incredibly powerful deck that seems to do everything well and can successfully match up against about every deck. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


Apr 17, 2018 sappidus 605

Seems like a lot of fun! Your ally complement is powerful, but a little expensive in the tri-sphere context… I know you have Proud Hunters for some burst money, but you don't think The Storm Comes might have some value (over, say, Explore Secret Ways)?

Apr 17, 2018 jamjams32 725

@sappidus You are 100% right! I had somehow forgotten about that side quest but agree that it fits in here much better than explore secret ways. I’ll be making that change right away. Thank you!

Apr 17, 2018 Ryson 178

Nice deck !

Apr 17, 2018 jamjams32 725

@RysonThanks buddy!