The Line Unbroken - NM Into Ithilien Deck 1

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The Line Unbroken - NM Into Ithilien
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Warden of Arnor 3068

a.k.a. Hard Handstrokes.

The Line Unbroken is my Progression-style playthrough of the LOTR LCG - two-handed, going through each quest using only cards which were available at the time of the release (though following up-to-date rules/errata), and trying to show off as much of the card pool as possible, including for the vast majority of the quests, using the new hero(es) in the boxes where they were released.

This was my first deck for Nightmare Into Ithilien.

Here's the second deck: And here's the fellowship:

Youtube playthrough:


Sep 14, 2018 pd187540 8

There's a big problem with this deck and its companion deck. 3 envoys of pelargir are in both of them. The expansion does not come with 6 copies.

Sep 14, 2018 Stavo343 1

The other three copies come in the Core Set. They're printed with the names "Brok Ironfist" and "Gandalf's Search," though.

Sep 14, 2018 pd187540 8

What do you mean? Are those cards misprinted?

Sep 15, 2018 pd187540 8

This is an exceedingly difficult quest. The FFG difficulty rating of 4 is a complete and total farce. I'm using this deck and Warden's first one to try to beat it. Unsuccessful after 3 attempts so far. Meanwhile, I'm playing on Easy (1 resource to each hero during setup), and I've already lost 3 times. Unbelievable. FFG has something wrong in their heads when coming up with these difficulty ratings. Can these decks REALLY beat it on Nightmare Mode? I shudder to think about what's that like! And I'm only playing on easy mode, non-Nightmare!!!!

Sep 15, 2018 pd187540 8

A huge suggestion is to put in some cards that cancel shadow effects. They are BADLY needed!!

Sep 15, 2018 pd187540 8

Final verdict on this deck that's part of a fellowship: it's pure garbage for playing through the Into Ithilien scenario on non-Nightmare easy mode. Apparently, this is only for Nightmare like it says. When you can't beat the scenario after 3 tries, you know it's a loser of a deck.

Sep 15, 2018 Warden of Arnor 3068

The Nightmare version of this quest does actually take out some of the cards which are a bit of a random 'screw you', so I obviously didn't account as much for those here - plus this was one of my weirder ideas which I wasn't sure would work and so I can't really speak to their consistency beyond the victory I did get. On the other hand, I just tried out of curiosity and got 2 wins out of 4 attempts on Standard difficulty, so 'pure garbage' is somewhat excessive.

Also, seriously, stop calling people's decks garbage. Say that it didn't work for you, fine, criticise aspects that don't make sense to you if you want, but be constructive.