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Mortendall 230

This deck was created because I was sick and tired of trying to beat Steward's Fear with a Gondor themed deck. I could not craft a thematic Gondor deck which could provide enough quest power to consistently clear the locations piling up AND deal with the swarm of enemies appearing from the Underworld deck. Therefore, I decided to make an Outland's deck, as that is still thematic to Gondor. I liked the idea of Prince Imrahil and Faramir sneaking around MInas Tirith, with these foreign warriors who are not being bribed by the Hand of Castimir. The result was functional and effective, but very, very boring...

To beat Steward's fear with this, you need Anfalas Herdsman in your opening hand to counter the zealous traitor. If not, they might wipe your board of outlands allies.

Why so many Gondor allies? Errand rider is perfect to provide resources for Hirluin. Herald allows you to play outlands allies for a threat increase. But also remember, Steward's fear was made in the glory days of Dwarf swarming, and therefore has Ally hate to counter that strategy. A knife in the back force you to pick a random ally, and resolve an attack against one of your heroes. That can be brutal when you have your outlands allies buffed up to 3 or 4 attack. More often than not, I would be lucky and pick an errand rider or Herald instead. The other beefier Gondor allies are all good targets for Sword of Morthond.

Prince Imrahil's ability is good when you chump with a Herald or a Errand-Rider. Faramir allows one of your Outlands allies to quest and attack/defend in the same round. Hirluin pays for your allies and will become a behemoth in his own right. Swarm the board with outlands allies so they reach ridiculous stats. Not particularly fun or original but highly effective. What's more to say?

A note on the side board: I did not include SoG as I like to play decks without. But you can of course add it to the deck to allow Hirluin to send out allies faster. I experimented a bit with the addition of In Service of the steward+Denethor instead of Faramir to allow Denethor to donate resources to Hirluin. I ultimately decided I liked this build better.

Now what are you still doing here? Go and find a fun deck to play! See what Seastan is up to, or build the Rosie-deck! Outlands is too easy :-)!