Ride openly against the Nine

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Loragorn 9

What at first seems like madness (a doom deck that starts at 34 threat!) is actually pretty powerful. Playing this Deck to me feels like Aragorn revealing himself to Sauron, no more hiding, full confrontation.

Much of the power comes from gandalfs insane ability to play the top card of your deck every phase! With a good portion of the deck being zero cost cards you can churn through your deck, getting free cards (e.g. Daerons runes) or free ressources ( e.g wealth of gondor) or free allies (avgt). The real star however is legacy of NĂºmenor, which with this deck means playing sleezy mode. Sword that was broken gives Aragorn the much needed leadership icon. Steward goes on Aragorn if he has the sword, else Denethor. Favor of the valar lets you wait till the last moment to resetagorn I frequently wait till 49. I usually dont mulligan if I have either sword or steward.

I had a hard time going down to fifty because I want to have all the zero cost events while needing at least 20 allies to play avgt reliably (nothing worse than whiffing on avgt). This is why many of Gandalfs toys are missing.

I played this successfully against rather difficult quests like Race across Harad, Black Serpent, Burning of the Havens and Wastes of Eriador. Would probably not bring it against quests that try to threat you out or deck you.


May 12, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 828

Cool deck! Here's a rules tip. You raise your threat in the refresh phase before you have an action window, so if you waited until forty-nine, you would threat out.

May 12, 2018 Loragorn 9

Hi @Wandalf the Gizzard Thanks. I know, I meant 49 after the increase and or any doom cards played during refresh.