Gondor Calls for Aid! And Rohan Will Answer!

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Rimogard 153


Here's my attempt to build a solo tri-sphere Gondor deck according to the deck-of-the-month challenge of the LotR LCG Facebook group https://web.facebook.com/groups/1524879351170755/.

Well, it isn't entirely composed by Gondorians, but still... Hirgon's there, right? It makes thematic sense to add some Rohirrim to the party. Also, I did my best to make an all-Gondor hero lineup, but Beregond (Spirit) didn't help with questing, which is vitally important for Hirgon. In the end, Eowyn (Spirit) made the final cut.

Eventually, I used the deck to beat the Hunt for Gollum both on normal and nightmare mode.


Look for Steward of Gondor, Errand Riders, Ethir Swordsmen, Defenders of Rammas, Boromir, and Faramir.


  • It's a swarm deck. Just quest hard, and use Denethor's treasury and Hirgon's enhanced recruiting ability to cover the board with allies. And don't forget to use your Errand Riders.

  • Card draw is a bit lacking, but Gandalf, "Rod Stewart", and A Very Good Tale should help a bit.

  • Raiment of War is excellent for buffing the Defenders of Rammas and Boromir depending on the situation.

  • Unexpected Courage has one main target - Hirgon. The idea is to use him as an attacker. Denethor is the secondary option.

  • There are a lot of duplicates and triplicates in the deck, which should allow you to use Eowyn's action.


Some possible changes I'm currently considering are:


  • Captain's Wisdom - Althought it helps a lot early in the game, later on it usually doesn't contribute as much. However, if you can't find the Steward of Gondor in the first couple of rounds, it can give you a good start.

  • Visionary Leadership - There aren't too many characters with the Gondor trait in this deck.


  • 1x Westold Outrider - These guys are simply perfect with Hirgon.

  • 2x Gondorian Shield - In order to boost Denethor's defense, and possibly Hirgon's if you manage to slap an Unexpected Courage on him.


If you have an idea for improvement, share it by leaving a comment below. I'm all eyes!