All hail the King of Dale

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wehehe 886

This is my first approach to a Dale focused deck.

Hero choices are such a no-brainer, all 3 different Dale heroes we have at the moment. As few of the Vale allies, are scouts, and Lanwyn also is, I think Well Warned, Warden of Arnor, and Mariner's compass, are interesting choices for the deck.

Compass helps a lot to get Neckalce of Girion to one of our heroes, as if it gets protected by a location, you can discard the location, replaicing for another, and gaining control of the protected stuff it has.

Redwater Sentry, Knight of Dale, and Warrior of Dale, are our warriors, which can get a Raiment of War making them our most efficient blockers.

Another interesting sinergy is with North Realm Lookout and Spare hood and Cloak. A 3 WP ally which can quest without exhausting, and then exhaust to ready a hero or another ally.

I feel Arwen ally is a must in every deck using Spirit. Its ability, and stats for just cost 2 are too good to be ignored.