Caldara is Still Playable

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SamthemanGamgee 219


Caldara was a hero who was played a lot because people abused her ability multiple times by bringing her back from the discard pile. this braught an errata that limited her ability to once a game. after that a lot of people thought she lost her power as a hero. the truth is, you really only need her ability once to win a game. most games are determined in the first couole of rounds. keyword most. if your deck doesnt take off then you probably wont win that game, but with this deck you can have a big resource swing by turn two. its possible on turn one but not highly likely. the power of advancing your board by up to 14 resources, not including your hero's is powerful, and is the best start you can have in the early stages of a quest.

Lets talk Combos

the best possible start for the deck is playing prince imrahil ally turn one or two, getting Jubayr, Glorfindel, and any other ally you like. then you would discard caldara, while imrahil is in play, to get three spirit allies back. because imrahil's ability is always occurring he becomes a hero the same time caldara leaves play, so she counts him as a spirit hero for her ability and you get three allies instead of two. thats so powerful, and pretty likely to occur. and even if it doesnt, you still get two strong allies who will probably serve a better purpose than caldara herself.

narya is also here to help Jubayr become a bigger and better defender, and also power up your glorfindel for an attack. keep in mind you can use narya after the ally exhausts so they can use the boost potentially twice!

opening hand

in your hand look for an ally to discard to arwen, prince imrahil, and thats about all you need to get started. test of will is nice, and so is against the shadow early if there is an early enemy to deal with. imrahil is probably the best option to have in your opening hand so mulligan for him, but dont worry if he doesnt show up, the deck functions well without him, he just makes it better.

and thats basically the deck, its a strong deck even after the errata, and it gets better with every strong spirit ally they release, so enjoy!!